'The Bear Who Took A Break' - Butlins' Big Weekends - Spec TVC
The Bear Who Took A Break | Butlins' Big Weekend | Spec TVC | Arri SR3 - 16mm, 7213 | Dir: Christian Cerami | 30s
Producers: Alex Sedgley & Genia Krassnig
“Billy the Butlins’ bear is always sad when the kids leave Butlins. But even a bear can let his hair down when the adults take over!”
Shot as an entry for the Kodak commercial competition the brief was provided by an ad agency and we were given one roll of Kodak stock to shoot the piece on. With limited stock we had to plan carefully and bring a level of intensity to set. It was key to create two distinct looks to the film; the opening somber element later gives way to a hypnotic manic environment and this is reflected through the cinematography in terms of colour and shot choice. Working in a high contrast theatrical style for the second part gave great scope for fun and experimentation.
Winner: Best Technical Achievement and Silver Best in Brief - Kodak Commercial Awards